Voip – Choosing the Right Service Provider

by Katherine Chambers
Voip – Choosing the Right Service Provider

Since, our lives depend partially or entirely on communications, this makes telephones an essential commodity for our day-to-day living. Whether for residential or business purposes, telephones have paved way for an easy and convenient communication across the globe. Staying in touch with friends and families and getting connected with business associates 24/7 is a blessing in disguise, all owing to the greatest invention ever – the telephone.

A house or a business set-up without a telephone ringing is hard to imagine. Still, it is a fact that making long distance calls and utilizing extra features such as call-waiting, call blocking, caller ID etc, tend to be expensive in a traditional landline phone. With that drawback, one wonders if there is an alternative technology to use which serves our communication needs well, without emptying the pocket. In view of this, an even better type of phone system was invented which is being for personal and business purposes worldwide – Internet Phone or Voip Phone System.

Voice over internet protocol or Voip phone system offers manifold benefits to its consumers, not to mention, economically-priced calls to any place in the world, which is why people are shifting from PSTN to Voip.

This reallocation of PSTN service to internet phone system is because of the multiple advantages that VoIP phone providers offer to its consumers. Apart from low-priced long distance calls and almost free local calls, Voip service providers give away many different useful phone features such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, video conferencing, return call, call blocking, and 3-way calling among others, without charging a penny extra, which otherwise are not free in traditional landline phones.

Additionally, VoIP enables you to transmit excellent audio data in form of Voice mails at a much faster rate, since it uses the internet to transmit digital signals in place of wires and transmitting analog signals.

To use Voip, you only require a high-speed internet connection and a Voip phone and there it is – your ultimate calling facility. Nevertheless, the quality of the Voip phone service you’ll be using will strictly depend on the VoIP service provider you choose to hire services of. Depending on your VoIP service provider, their calling plans and other facilities, you can enjoy unlimited calls to your favorite destinations in the world. So, when choosing a Voip service provider, be very critical and skeptical of a service, before you finally place a finger on one and decide that this is it! Firstly, read reviews of the Voip service provider that you have decided to buy, read what people say about it, the good the bad, everything. Also, it is better to hire a Voip service provider which is also used by most of your family members, friends, business associates, and acquaintances, in case you want to take full advantage of the free calling experience.

Moreover, look for a VoIP service provider that offers the most of the functional features for free. A VoIP service provider that offers services including caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling, call blocking, voice mailing and video conferencing for a particular fee, then look for some other VoIP service provider, offering the aforementioned features for free. FYI, these features, among many others are considered as ‘traditional features’ of a VoIP phone and come for free with the facility.

Just make sure that the Voip provider is giving away an excellent quality service. For that, go for a provider offering you a test call before subscribing, to confirm if the call provides clear audio and video, and has least, or best if, has no delays at all.

Also, look for the service calling plans that are offered by these Voip service providers. Normally, a Voip service provider offers two kinds of plans; a residential calling plan and a business calling plan. Check out these calling plans and see what suit your needs and requirements the most. In case you want to go for normal day to day purposes, go for residential voip service which provides you free local calls and economical calls to various international destinations. For business personnel, business calling plans are a perfect way to undergo an economical telephony experience and save thousands of dollars annually.

Always be picky about choosing a VoIP service provider and check out if that offers everything, as this article teaches you.