Wireless internet technology’s impact on Mobile VoIP

by Katherine Chambers

Wireless internet connections are available throughout the world; however the major difference has always been the speed that each connection provider offers to its customers. Wireless internet has come a long way in terms of improving and offering more to the internet using community. The earlier iterations of wireless connections were having limited internet data transfer speed but with more research and development, things have changed for good. Now, internet users can easily transfer large chunks of data at very high speeds. This technology has graduated from being a future thing to a much prevalent and usable commodity for the technologists. There are many uses to which this technology can be used and one of those has been for the mobile VoIP. Mobile VoIP is a concept of using VoIP services just like a cell phone. Using your VoIP phone on the go has always been looked at as a far-off technology which might not be put to practical use in the foreseeable future. But with the introduction of better data transfer ability, 4G (fourth generation wireless technology) has made mobile VoIP available to all. Now, mobile VoIP is very much possible and you can easily get your VoIP service to work like a cell phone. Although there are still challenges to tackle but 4G has turned mobile VoIP from a dream into reality.

Smart computing and telecommunicating devices

The second major factor that has contributed towards the possibility of mobile VoIP are the smart phones and the tablet PCs which cannot only support the huge data transfers but also have the processing power to handle all other tasks seamlessly. This means that without the availability of such devices, mere 4G would not have made mobile VoIP a clear possibility. Now you can find a range of different devices with which you can easily use this service without any problem. Just be sure to have a good quality VoIP, so you don’t have any trouble in talking on your mobile device, because quality of service does make a lot of difference.

Future survival of mobile VoIP

There is no doubt about the fact that future of mobile VoIP is very bright and it would thrive in the coming years. However, so far we have only touched the more optimistic part of the whole story. There are still a lot of challenges that this industry will have to meet before this service is available in every part of the world. The first challenge is that there are very few places in the world where 4G is currently available, which means we would still have to rely on the old wireless internet connection technology. Secondly, the demand for the 4G wireless network varies from one part of the world to the other which means we still need to have demand before the cellular networks can start offering this service globally. Lastly, infrastructural investments are also needed to be made because unless current infrastructures are upgraded, it would take a lot more time than usual to make mobile VoIP a reality.

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